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Room in Spacious Apartment in Poblado

ROOM IN ASTORGA, POBLADO Room for rent close to Exito WOW in Calle 10, Metro Poblado, and Parque Lleras. Renting with us includes a private bathroom (optional), washing machine, weekly cleaning, smart tv, large balcony and internet with 50mb/s ✅ Couples allowed ✅ Pets (we'll discuss first) ✅ Including bedsheets ✅ All services included in the price

Behind Exito WoW on calle 10 in poblado.

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Guests may cancel their booking two weeks prior to check-in date for a full refund of the commission fee.
Duration Refund Amount
Two weeks before Check-in 100%
One Week before Check-in 50%
Less than One Week 0%