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Casa Bien Mesabe (all inclusive)

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Beautifully decorated hotel near the center with all the amenities you wanted for your nomadic stay. 1. Two swimming pools (one with a water fountain) 2. Turkish sauna 3. All inclusive meals (cooked meals served three times a day) 4. Ultra high speed internet throughout the property 5. Peace and quite environment to do your work

Take the bus from Parque Norte terminal in Medellin to bus terminal in Santa Fe bus terminal. Walk to the center and then an alley goes down. You will pass a stream of water. Make a left at the end. The hotel is on the right side.

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Guests may cancel their booking two weeks prior to check-in date for a full refund of the commission fee.
Duration Refund Amount
Two weeks before Check-in 100%
One Week before Check-in 50%
Less than One Week 0%